Artist's Statement


Jann Jeffrey Gallery Through the years, the square shape found its way into my paintings, etchings, and mixed media works. In the beginning it was totally unintentional. It seemed that no matter whether the work was a landscape or figure or visual interpretation-it all evolved out of or into a square shape. Thus the square became the essence.

The square remains an essential basic shape humans continue to repeat and construct. In my art, it becomes the building block, the emphasis, the boundary, the symbol---the square is the primary cell of my work. The square gives me a sense of completion which no other shape can fulfill. Harmonious color becomes essential in order to illustrate some shapes which must speak for themselves.

Since my work includes mixed media which crosses all lines of materials, text sometimes enters through an added medium. This creates a tension between the non-verbal and the verbal. There is a conflict between the image and the language which explains it. My work is in a non-verbal state as it is conceived and created. The word which tries to represent the image has to convey more than language. [Color, shape, space are only letters strung together which prompt images in a blind mind. They exist by themselves without definition. The thoughts are separated into partitions and coded by color. My work is representative of the partitions created by mundane human existence. The compartmentalized aspects of human thought are separated by time and imagination. The creative spirit exists in silence and only is heard through the vision of shape and color never becoming work.] Much of my work addresses this. Many of the prints address this conflict of image and text.

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